Tabletop For Two

Danny Montooth and Val play a variety of tabletop games! (Also known as Playing Favorites)

1 Exit the Game - House of Riddles Ace, Mezzy (?)
2 Tokaido & Star Realms Guests?
3 Ohanami Guests?
4 Castles of Mad King Ludwig Guests?
5 Dune Imperium Guests?
6 Exit: The Catacombs of Horror Guests?
7 Exit part 2 Guests?
8 Dune Imperium Guests?
9 Clank! Gold & Silk Guests?
10 Star Trek the Deck Building Game Guests?
11 Clank Guests?
12 Dominion : Prosperity Guests?
13 Hogwarts Battle Deck-Building Game Guests?
14 Smiths of Winterforge Guests?
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