Animal Crossing GM: Matt Acevedo Emily Jacobson as Orville Puckett
Ryan Keiser as Count Fort Askew
Brian as Chancellor Schmancellor
Chunk as Sunnyside Cloudhopper
Cucumber as Baron Von Tiddlywinks
Balthazar’s Nightmare GM: Ryan Keiser Connie as Vayne Van Helsing
Brian as Grahmor Rakankran
Kelsey as Cyndir
Better Backstories GM: Jay Kory Ember as Tamra
Chunk as Trom
Val as Fawnia
Cucumber as Barbek
Ryan Keiser as Kell Damar
Chill Fog Valley GM: Danny Montooth Ryan Keiser as Caracal
Hayley Yim as Vogna
Deva Marie as Evelora
Christmas One-Shot GM: Art Vega Cucumber as Crenirith
Willow as ZumZum
Brian as Frawd
Chunk One-Shot GM: Chunk Connie as Breezy Purog
Willow as Mia Varis
Brian as Cro
City of Mist GM: Danny Montooth Andrew Lockerbie as Kitsuni
Dino Battaglia as Flicker
Ryan Keiser as Declan LeStrange
Art Vega as Post Mortem
Fall From the Sky GM: Chunk Connie as Azula
Willow as Scrumpus
Cucumber as Gra-Vell
The Fate Element GM: Ryan Keiser Danny Montooth as Prof. Till
Kory Ember as Ash Pearce
Art Vega as The Shadow
Flight of the Valkyrie GM: Ryan Keiser Connie as Frigg
Hayley Yim as Freya
Kelsey as Hel
Forge of Fury GM: Ryan Keiser Brian as Frawd VanDer Boom
Chunk as Poki Toki
Cucumber as Ballow Green
Ghostbusters GM: Ryan Keiser Chunk as Ray Stantz
Cucumber as Lewis Tully
Alix Galit as Kimberly Ranger
Cole Garrison as Joseph "Joey" Sanders
JPG as Takeshi Tac Zedmore
Gozer’s Demise GM: Hayley Yim Justin Chavers as Rookie Stevens
Connie as Dana Ripley
Andrew Lockerbie as Clinton Dodge
Ryan Keiser as Eric Grooberson
The Great Hunt of Durwood Forest GM: Hayley Yim Andrew Lockerbie as Nigel
Connie as Mortala
Kelsey as Maddei
Ryan Keiser as Cloud
Halloween Episode GM: Ryan Keiser Amber Reeder as Mirror Ellie
Chunk as Mirror Warf
Cucumber as Mirror Reshik
Heart of Darkness GM: Ryan Keiser Connie as Thea
Justin Chavers as Emmalee
Hayley Yim as Koa Kai
Cucumber as Four
The Land of Eem GM: Cucumber Chunk as S. Warbly Pebbleskip
Willow as Squeege
Brian as Voricia Wrynch
Live From Next Gen Games GM: Ryan Keiser Amber Reeder as Ellie
Chunk as Warf
Cucumber as Reshik
The Smuggling Ring GM: Ryan Keiser Chunk as Tony Beluga
Cucumber as Tomlin Cloudmark
Kory Ember as Arina
Spirit of 77 GM: Dave Amber Reeder as Victoria Crown
Chunk as Roscoe Cosgrove
Cucumber as Vincent Pick
Ryan Keiser as Gemini
Star Wars Force & Destiny GM: Danny Montooth Chunk as Pabloo
Andrew Lockerbie as CH-1
Dino Battaglia as Fyll Tsmyth
Connie as Anhara Kaveri
Stupefy Edition GM: Cucumber Brian as Dr. Elfen Strange
G as Madame Murder
Krysta as Zefiro
Trouble at Shimmer Creek GM: Cucumber Chunk as Poki Toki
Madame Menardier
Victor Hugo
Vampire the Masquerade GM: Ryan Keiser Chunk as Jareth
Cucumber as Jay
Justin Chavers as Julian
Hayley Yim as Rain
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